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“Chris is a talented game programmer and an essential contributor to the development of 1 vs 100 on Xbox LIVE. A great partner to creative/design, Chris understands how and why to enable fun and good design. A number of critical game and implementation systems were developed by Chris and he consistently delivered above expectations. A great hire for any team that needs a collaborative gameplay programmer.”

Matt Van Gorder, Creative Lead, Microsoft Game Studios

“I started working with Chris two years ago when we sat next to each other developing 1 vs. 100 for Xbox LIVE. I found that whenever I had a problem to solve, I would reach a better solution with Chris' input. As a technical artist, I was tasked with writing code to support designers and their need to iterate. Chris and I brainstormed about how to create usable systems for non-technical people that were, at the same time, robust and efficient. Chris was responsible for writing the foundational code, which became the framework for the graphics systems I developed. Above and beyond his own work, Chris has helped me do my own job better.

Chris’ ability to collaborate in a small group carries over to larger design meetings. Because he is passionate not only about development, but all aspects of game creation, Chris offers a holistic perspective. From a creative viewpoint, Chris has an opinion I value. He can always be counted on for constructive criticism.

I unequivocally recommend Chris for any gameplay programmer position and hope that I have the chance to collaborate with him again.”

Colin Riley, Technical Artist, Microsoft Game Studios

“Chris is the rare engineer who works to understand the design intent where others may tend to jump in with a quick solution. He is quick to contribute and helps uncover weaknesses in the design by asking very specific questions. With an excellent design sense and genuine love for games, our conversations were lively and engaging, ultimately resulting in an effective implementation of the design. I very much look forward to working with Chris in the future.”

Brett Johnson, Sr. Game Designer, Microsoft Game Studios

“I had the pleasure of working with Chris developing the Xbox LIVE Primetime hit game "1 vs 100", which pushed the envelope in both game design and technology innovation. Chris filled a critical development role, and without his contributions shipping this game would not have been possible. Chris wrote a large volume of the 1 vs 100 game code - his work was on-time, robust, and easily extensible.

I found Chris to get along with his peers easily, and speak candidly but respectfully when he felt the team could improve it's direction or processes. Chris earned the teams respect because he got things done, going to great lengths and efforts to ensure his product's success. If you have the opportunity to hire or work with Chris, I recommend you do so - he will deliver solid results.”

Chuck Noble, Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Game Studios