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About Krzysztof Ciupka

Hi! That's my name up there, but don't try to pronounce it, I can't be responsible for any permanent damage incurred as a result of trying to pronounce my first name.

You can just call me Chris.

I'm a video game programmer currently living in Seattle, Washington. I haven't been making games long, only about two years, but I've been playing them my whole life, and I've known that writing game code was my calling since before High School.

Good thing it kind of worked out, or I'd look pretty silly right about now.

In any case, being an avid gamer, and a game creator myself, I intend to devote this blog to writing about games from both perspectives. This will include my thoughts on game systems and mechanics, and game design in general. I may also include thoughts about specific implementations of things, but in much smaller doses, if at all. While my skillset is largely technical, writing code, my favorite part of my job is designing and writing gameplay systems. By this nebulous term I mean game flow, user input and interaction, and AI. I like writing the systems that make a game world tick, not so much the systems that make a game engine tick. I'm not a graphics dev, or an engine dev, and I try to avoid writing any low-level code like the plague.

Based on that, my aspiration is to be a programmer-slash-game-designer, and my current inspiration and model towards that goal is Soren Johnson, who is exactly that, and was lead designer on one of my absolute favorite games of all time. While I don't expect his sort of success, I intend to work both professionally and privately to not just write good code, but also create good games. As part of that, I'll also be using this blog to develop design docs for a game I've had festering in my brain for several years now. I need a centralized place to record ideas that I get, and here, not only will I be able to access my notes from anywhere, but I can hopefully also get some feedback.

So, that's me. Have a look around, and I hope you find what I have to say insightful.

Though having just started this thing, it may be a while until I say anything worth a damn.

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