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Mass Effect 2 Fever

While I stand by my criticisms of the original Mass Effect, I have also said that I have high hopes for the sequel.

In the last day or two, those hopes have transformed into a feverish desire, last matched prior to the release of Dragon Age, and before that... well, I can't recall. A long time ago, if at all.

Part of what precipitated this was the launch trailer:

 Do yourself a favor and watch the HD version in a seperate window.

This is one of the best video game trailers I've ever seen. It's tightly paced, shows everything that Mass Effect has to offer: action, adventure, romance. It feels like a movie trailer, or a teaser for a new season of Battlestar Galactica. It's epic and enthralling, and the music, perfectly timed, sends chills up my spine.

I've had this trailer running all day at work, in the background, for the awesome orchestral score alone.

I can't wait to meet these characters and take part in this story. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

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